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The film plays with an unnerving edge and exponentially progresses towards its shocking climax, lulling the viewer and the character into a false sense of security and only gradually cranking up the oddity until the film explodes in its third act, as truths are revealed, as the story turns upside down.

Simultaneously smart and thrilling, it makes for a great watch and portends great things for its writer/director.

Things get more mysterious, and dangerous, as Chris comes to realize that what he's experiencing is far more than social awkwardness.

Peele carefully crafts the movie in such a way that, at least in the second act and arguably all the way through to the end, it's never quite clear what is real, what is not.

This is the character-driven Thriller near its best, blending deeply rooted social issues with scares that results in a unique creation from a first-time filmmaker.

Get Out's digitally sourced image presents on 1080p Blu-ray nicely.

Peele's ability to find that middle ground between cinematic excitement and artful manipulation of the medium to comment on social issues is superb.

Even source noise isn't much of an issue in black backgrounds or lower-light interiors.

Flesh tones appear accurate to the many diverse shades seen in the film. Faces are ultra-sharp and very revealing, showing off pores, beards, and wrinkles with striking ease.

It's a solid journey, not a transformational character arc but certainly an adaptive one.

Kaluuya understands the character and Peele's demands for him very well, and Peele compliments that commitment and his actor's mastery with superlative direction that sees the meshing of Daniel Kaluuya's performance with Peele's uncanny knack for capturing it in a way that accentuates it, draws attention to the necessary points of emphasis with a natural grace and clarity that suits the material and the film medium equally well.

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