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Teleprompterdating com

In the United States in 1902, electrical engineer Frank Pearne approached Joy Morton, head of Morton Salt, seeking a sponsor for research into the practicalities of developing a printing telegraph system.

Joy Morton needed to determine whether this was worthwhile and so consulted mechanical engineer Charles L.

The teleprinter system improved message speed and delivery time, making it possible for messages to be flashed across a country with little manual intervention.

By 1846, the Morse telegraph service was operational between Washington, D. Royal Earl House patented his printing telegraph that same year.

A teleprinter (teletypewriter, Teletype or TTY) is an electromechanical typewriter that can be used to send and receive typed messages through various communications channels, in both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations.

The machines were adapted to provide a user interface to early mainframe computers and minicomputers, sending typed data to the computer and printing the response.

At the receiving end of the line, a printing mechanism would print on a paper tape, and/or a reperforator could be used to make a perforated copy of the message.Krum, who was vice president of the Western Cold Storage Company.Krum was interested in helping Pearne, so space was set up in a laboratory in the attic of Western Cold Storage.Some models could also be used to create punched tape for data storage (either from typed input or from data received from a remote source) and to read back such tape for local printing or transmission.Teleprinters could use a variety of different communication media.

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This latter configuration was often used to connect teleprinters to remote computers, particularly in time-sharing environments.