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But I found myself lingering near her table, drawn to her open, unaffected, fun-loving nature. She has a clear and bright enthusiasm that bleeds into her every interaction, as if she’s saying, ‘Well here we both are, whaddya got? Anyway, we had established enough of a banter that asking for her number seemed a natural progression. I dare you.” I later sent a text that I believe ought to be archived in the Smithsonian. I have a long history of backing down from dares, so please know that texting you is taking a whole lot of pluck.” At the time, I knew nothing about the fashion world, had never bothered to even try to dress well, and had no clue who Laura Brown was.’ And whoever is in front of her — waiter, actress, TSA agent — inevitably lights up. But once I saw she had actually written it down, I became terrified, realizing I had crossed a line I had tacitly pledged my employer I would not cross. As our text messages zoomed back and forth across the country, we began to call each other, as Mr."So eventually, it was just like: ‘Man, I have to say my peace.I have to go and push myself.’ And that’s what led me here.Graham Bell intended, and our budding romance spilled over into Instagram interactions that some of my friends noticed.I became more aware of the prominence of Laura’s position in the fashion industry, and I’ve seen how hard she works to earn it.Put it all together and she can come up with an idea for a cover shoot, convince the celebrity to do it, ensure the shoot is a positive experience for everyone, write the story to go along with the pictures, and share charmingly captioned behind-the-scenes looks to get the general public interested. I feel like I’m laying it on a bit thick, but it really is impressive to behold. One of these jobs pays more than the other, even with the gender wage gap. And when I consort with Laura and her friends, so many of whom are successful, established — often, wildly so — I worry about the trap of thinking I have made it. In fact, my reward-to-work ratio is completely out of whack and I’m wary of losing the sense of urgency necessary to induce growth.But so is seeing her fizzle out at the end of the day, and that’s why God invented pasta, wine, and Netflix! They just want to know, “What’s that Well, it’s a lot of things. So there are times when I am pulled up on the metaphorical stage. There have been instances when I’ve been tossed in socially with people whom I’ve admired, watched, enjoyed — people to whom I’ve been tuned in for years, who have influenced my life in some way. She pays for dinner 95% of the time (sometimes I spring for pancakes at the diner). Every time we go out to a nice dinner or stay in a beautiful hotel, I try to remember: I haven’t earned this life yet. I’ve also found a handwritten, illustrated note, left at random times, is not only a lost art, but a real winner with the ladies.

From People: The 50-year-old actress was photographed kissing the 38-year-old basketball player outside the Beverly Hills Hotel on Dec. A source close to the star tells PEOPLE, "They're good friends."Hm, okay.

So, what’s it really like to date an older woman who is crushing her highly visible career in the fashion world, and most importantly, is a legend on Instagram?

What first attracted me to Laura was that she sat in my section.

Per Se has a 3-star Michelin rating; dining there is like finding out Santa Claus is real and put you on the Nice List.

Embarrassed by his faux pas but feeling très 007, he struts half-inflated into the restaurant.

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But then there's this from US Weekly, who had the photo first: Although Dern, who divorced Ben Harper in 2013 after eight years of marriage, was "trying to remain incognito," says the observer, they "were kissing and touching and were all over each other."Here's how Twitter reacted: With delight and some jokes: MORE: Ranking all 30 of the new NBA City uniforms, from worst to first Fellow golfer trolls Rickie Fowler and girlfriend Allison Stokke during first-class flight Purdue successfully ran amazing fake kneel down with 5-foot-7 RB D.