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Greatermans zimbabwe online dating

But to her credit, when she was in Grade 1, she clinched a modelling title showing that she had a bright future.“My first pageant actually was when I was in Grade 1.It’s just going to be a fantasy.’” But when Brita turned 21 and after seriously thinking about taking up modelling, she decided to follow Musasiwa’s footsteps and try her luck at Miss Zimbabwe after completing her A-level. I could’ve taken part in Miss Zimbabwe in 1998 but I decided to use that year to prepare for the following year’s pageant instead.I couldn’t catwalk and had to undergo rigorous training with Silhouette to be able to do so.It was by choice that I contested and as a result, I worked hard for it.” She said the difference between her and the current breed of models was that they do not put work into their modelling careers. They think it’s just a matter of going onto the stage and smiling.

“Miss Malaika was a whole different ball game as it was the first of its kind so there were no notes to it.But as fate would have it, later in life, Brita enrolled at Oriel Girls High where she met another lady — Angeline Musasiwa — who was like her — to become a top model.“I didn’t think about modelling until I was in high school and Angeline was making things happen.They had to break me down to do this whole modelling thing as I was ruffed up and very tomboyish.” And when the year — 1999 finally came, Brita was quite stressed as people were preparing for 2000 and many myths, like the world coming to an end, were doing the rounds.“In 1999, most people had so many things going on but I thought to myself ‘I want to make my mark’.

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I was crowned little Miss Muffet at a pageant hosted by Greatermans.