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performed in over 90 feature films and television shows.'The stuntman was described in the obit as 'kind-hearted, generous and humble,' and 'a loving person that helped all who came in his path.'The 33-year-old was airlifted to hospital in Atlanta following the incident, and his ventilator was turned off a day later surrounded by his friends, family and girlfriend Jennifer Cocker.

Production of the show, which was filming in Senoia, about 35 miles south of Atlanta, was suspended following the accident.

He also opened up about the somber tone on the set since Bernecker, 33, fell headfirst onto concrete from about 22 feet on July 12 as production commenced outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

Kirkman on Saturday said the cast remained 'dealing with' the horrific accident with heavy hearts.

The study found young men have more sex than women, and with tactics like that, it's no wonder.

It all boils down to the fact that us members of Generation Y lead unstable lives - we rent a room in a flat then move elsewhere after six months, take on internships not knowing how we’ll pay the aforementioned rent when our short-term placement finishes, and spend our lives worrying about statistics like these which point out our purported inadequacies compared with other generations.

Why commit to one guy when there might be a better one - someone smarter, more successful, better-dressed - just around the corner?owever, a new study has found that young Americans - predominantly those born in the early 1990s - are having much less sex than previous generations did when they were in their 20s.Apparently, 15 percent of 20- to 24-year-old Americans haven’t done the deed since the age of 18, compared to only six percent of Generation X-ers when they were the same age.Tough time: The Walking Dead's John Bernecker called stuntman John Bernecker's fatal fall July 12 'a freak accident that happened on set' at the Television Critics Association summer tour in Beverly Hills, California Saturday'It’s a tragedy, so it’s something that everyone is dealing with in their own way,' he said, 'and it’s something that will continue to stick with us for years to come.'Kirkman said that the instance would not impact the show's story arc in the coming season.'No storylines were changed, you know, that was a tragic accident,' Kirkman said.'It wasn’t story-related, it was just a freak accident that happened on set and it’s something that we’re dealing with, but it hasn’t affected the storyline in any way.'The executive producer said it was not immediately clear if a tribute to the late stuntman would be broadcast.

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At the industry event, AMC's president Charlie Collier earlier addressed Kirkman's death, saying, 'Our hearts and our thoughts continue to go out to John’s family and friends.'A memorial service for Bernecker was conducted in his hometown of New Orleans Saturday, according to New Orleans' The Advocate.