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Dwt not updating all pages

Expression Web will, by default add the following code to the title tag in Code View.This will preserve keywords and descriptions you ALREADY have in place on your pages.Make a folder called dwt to store your dwt file in.Normally when you want to create a DWT, you should start with a blank page saved as a normal page, adding your formatting with an embedded style sheet. NOTE: In order to maintain the relationships between a file and its attached pages Expression Web uses Metadata which is stored in folders which are hidden by default to prevent accidental deletion, or them being moved or changed.To quote the help in Expression Web: "Both master pages and Dynamic Web Templates allow you to create a consistent layout that can easily be updated in all the pages in your site. NET files, use master pages to define a consistent look with shared content across pages.If you are working with HTML files, use Dynamic Web Templates." Why not just use master pages?

So repeat as above naming each region with its own unique name.

Your editable regions should look like Fig 4, outlined in yellow (colour depends on the settings you have, the default being yellow) with the name of the editable region.

View Screenshot - Fig 4 - Editable Region outlines ATTENTION - I have outlined further information under the below headings you should pay particular attention to the Head Tags and Scripts if you want to retain your keywords and description Meta tags and any scripts for each page.

You want to in fact keep your original code with the editable meta tags around the metas.

Of course you can use the Addons as a tool and copy and paste meta tag to code view or in page properties General Tab for each Meta.

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So enter that in the section where it says Region name: Then press ' Add', then ' Close'.