Dirty chat rooms without registration

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Darren thanks the player and sells the highly valued, gold object.

With the money from the sale, Darren pays for the basic facilities of the guild, opening the unregistered Thieves' Guild.

The guild is an excellent area to train Thieving even without the quest, and once the cellar is fully renovated it has a bank, general store, and an enlarged area. Funds are raised for the guild's expansion and initial opening by illegal activities and capers.

The Thieves' Guild is located under the Zamorakian herbalists' house just north of the Lumbridge furnace.

After talking to the local guard, the player finds out the dwarf is obsessed with his strange talisman.

The old man becomes off guard and the adventurer steals the chalice from Father Urhney.

Doing so is a requirement for the master quest cape.

After completing the Buyers and Cellars quest, the player can access a small version of the guild.

He sells them, gives the player a share, and pays for more expansion.

A new Thieving supply store opens up, more people move in, and more buildings are made. Darren wants the guild to be registered as an official guild so that they get funding and full benefits.

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It can be accessed via the trapdoor just outside of the house's north wall.