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Aktarlar online dating

The people erected a palace, accompanied by monumental stone sculptures of lions and the ruler.

Kammanu was vassal state of Urartu between 804 and 743. C.) forced the kingdom of Malidiya to pay tribute to Assyria.

Battalgazi's official name was Eskimalatya (Old Malatya); until recently, it was a name used locally.

Aslantepe has been inhabited since the development of agriculture in the Fertile Crescent, nearly 6,000 years ago.

Those that still stand mostly date from the Arab period, perhaps of the 8th century, though retaining the layout of and some remnants from earlier building phases.

The city was captured by the Rashidun Caliphate in 638.

The city continued old Hittite traditions and styles.

The city was heavily fortified, probably due to the Hittite menace from the west.It then became a base for their raids deeper into the Byzantine Empire, a policy continued by the Abbasids.In the 9th century, under its semi-independent emir Umar al-Aqta, Malatya rose to become a major opponent of the Byzantine Empire until Umar was defeated and killed at the Battle of Lalakaon in 863.After 1100, he invested heavily on the commanders of the First Crusade, especially Bohemond I of Antioch and Baldwin of Boulogne.The Danishmends took over Malatya one year later in 1101 (see Battle of Melitene).

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as Melitene (Ancient Greek Μελιτηνή), a name adopted by the Romans following Roman expansion into the east.

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